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hello, this is jandek wiki . . . the wiki all about my company named corwood industries and my project that is called jandek. i like making music on my label and i release all my work by corwood industries. i hope you enjoy it . . .

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Ready For The House

Ready for the House was originally released on August 31, 1978 by Sterling Smith's self-publishing label Corwood Industries. At its release, the album was attributed to The Units. Sterling Smith later figured out that there was already a band called The Units. Smith did not want to be associated with this band, so he soon after changed his project's name to 'Jandek'. Sterling Smith and his label Corwood reissued the album, now under his project's new name; 'Jandek'. The album was continued to be released in bulk orders for very cheap prices (the same case as the rest of his albums). In 1999, Smith decided to release the Ready For The House album in compact disc format, which still continues to be pressed by the label; now putting the original vinyl version out of print. (more...)