Ready For The House
Ready For The House
Released August 31, 1978
Label Corwood Industries
Jackpot Records (2008 re-issue w/ Corwood)

Ready For The House is the first album released by Jandek. The album was first released on August 31, 1978 by Jandek's self-publishing label Corwood Industries. The album was later followed by Six And Six also released by Corwood.

Publication historyEdit

Ready For The House was originally released on August 31, 1978 by Sterling Smith's self-publishing label Corwood Industries. At its release, the album was attributed to The Units. Sterling Smith later figured out that there was already a band called The Units. Smith did not want to be associated with this band, so he soon after changed his project's name to 'Jandek'. Sterling Smith and his label Corwood reissued the album, now under his project's new name; 'Jandek'. The album was continued to be released in bulk orders for very cheap prices (the same case as the rest of his albums). The album was later registered into the Library of Congress on November 13, 1978. In 1999, Smith decided to release the Ready For The House album in compact disc format, which still continues to be pressed by the label; now putting the original vinyl version out of print. The CD version was re-issued two more times, on and unknown date and in 2005. In 2008, Jackpot Records teamed with Corwood Industries to release a vinyl reissue. The vinyl reissue is released out of much higher quality materials than the first vinyl pressings by Corwood. . . . . . . . . . . . .


This is a list of all the different versions mentioned in the album's history:

Catalog number Label Notes Year
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries First release of album. Jandek was then known as The Units. August 31, 1978
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries Second release of the album. First release by Jandek, actually attributed to Jandek. 1978
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries First compact disc release of the album. 1999
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries Second compact disc release of the album. Unknown date.
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries Third compact disc release of the album. 2005
Corwood 0739 Corwood Industries, Jackpot Records Vinyl reissue released by Jackpot Records in association with Corwood Industries. 2008

Track listingEdit

The track listing shows the listed numbers for both the vinyl versions and the CD versions.

Track Title
A1 or 1 "Naked In The Afternoon" 4:43
A2 or 2 "First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely" 8:04
A3 or 3 "What Can I Say, What Can I Sing" 4:44
A4 or 4 "Show Me The Way, O Lord" 4:10
B1 or 5 "Know Thy Self" 2:38
B2 or 6 "They Told Me About You" 4:33
B3 or 7 "Cave In On You" 4:26
B4 or 8 "They Told Me I Was A Fool" 5:08
B5 or 9 "European Jewel (Incomplete)" 4:56